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Are you between the ages of 50-80 years old?

Discover how you can generate 4.6 to 12.8% returns for life. Get your complimentary customized annuity rates analysis, age and risk factors to discover the best annuities for your specific needs.

Your report will include:

  • The highest annuity rates available for your age, investment amount and risks
  • Monthly income amount
  • A target start date of your income
  • A comparison between joint-vs-single lifetime payout
  • How payouts affect minimum distribution
  • And much more


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"We Didn't Know Where To Start"

We needed to take a portion of our retirement and turn it into a guaranteed source of income.

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We want to pass on our family business to our kids, and make sure we're prepared.

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I didn't immediately need the payouts from my current Annuity and wanted to find a new secure way to continue growing my Annuity.

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